Project Discussions

Albert, J. & Natsheh, I.: Using mathematics to break down stereotypes [pdf]

Albert, J. & Natsheh, I.: Using mathematics to break down stereotypes, (long version) [pdf]


Chronaki, A. & Jess, K.: Visual images from the lives of immigrant pupils in maths classrooms [pdf]


Cotton, T.: What is it really like? Developing the use of participant voice in research [pdf]


Fauzan, A.; Slettenhaar, D. & Plomp, T.: Traditional Mathematics Education vs. Realistic Mathematics Education: Hoping for Changes [pdf]


Fernandes, E.: The school mathematics practice and the mathematics of a practice not socially identified with mathematics [pdf]


Frankenstein, M.: Quantitative reasoning throughout the curriculum: A case study from the College of Public and Community Service. [pdf] Attachments: A [pdf], B [pdf], C [pdf], D [pdf], E [pdf], F [pdf]


Lindenskov, L.: Reacting to society's math-containing information and materials - Why and how [pdf]


Oleinik, T.: Development of critical thinking in mathematics courses [pdf]


Puteh, M.: Qualitative research approach towards factors associated with mathematics anxiety [pdf]


de la Torre, E.: A necessary dialog about mathematics and society between university students [pdf]


Zulkardi; Nienke Nieveen, J. & de Lange, J.: Designing, evaluating and implementing an innovative learning environment for supporting mathematics education reform in Indonesia: The CASCADE-IMEI study [pdf]