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Atweh, B.: Random Reflections from Un/Biased Action Researcher [pdf]

Bastos, R.: Thoughts of a mathematics teacher, concerned with social and environmental justice [pdf]


Bibby, T.: Whose hell and whose damnation?
Reaction to Popkewitz’s "Whose heaven and whose redemption?" [pdf]


Carreira, S.: How to set up conditions for authentic participation, or how to escape the institutionalisation of research? [pdf]


Carulla, C.: A columbian approach to the concept of "technological literacy" [pdf]


Fals Borda, O.: Field research tensions and paradigm shifts in action sciences [pdf]


Jess, K.: Reaction to Thomas S. Popkewitz’s Whose Heaven and Whose Redemption? [pdf]


Popkewitz, T.: Whose heaven and whose redemption? The alchemy of the mathematics curriculum to save (please check one or all of the following) (a) the economy, (b) democracy, (c) the nation, (d) human rights, (d) the welfare state, (e) the individual [pdf]


Powell, A.: Ethnomathematics and the challenges of racism in mathematics education [pdf]


Setati, M.: In response to Powell: Is ethnomathematics = mathematics = antiracism? [pdf]


Skovsmose, O. & Valero, P.: Mathematics education in a world apart: Where we are all together [pdf]


Yasukawa, K.: Mathematics and technological literacy [pdf]


Knipping, C. & Reid, D. A.: Cultural differences and the teaching of proof for all [pdf]

Matos, J. F. et al: Methodological implications for researching mathematical thinking as a socially organised phenomenon [pdf]


Bauchspies, W. K.; Van Bendegem, J. P. & Restivo, S.: The sociology and philosophy of mathematics revisited: Personal reflections [pdf]



Atweh, B. & Clarkson, P.: Mathematics educators' views about globalization and internationalization of their discipline: Preliminary findings [pdf]


Baba, T.: Significance of ethnomathematical research: Towards international cooperation with the developing countries [pdf]


Bartholomew, H.: Negotiating identity in the community of the mathematics classroom [pdf]


Barton, B.; Autagavaia, J.; Poleki, A. & Alangui, W.: The Mathematics Enhancement Project: A theoretical approach to research and development [pdf]


Barwell, R.: Linguistic discrimination and mathematics education research [pdf]


Bibby, T.: Primary school mathematics: An inside view [pdf]


Bishop, A. J.: Research, policy and practice: The case of values [pdf]


Boylan, M.: Teacher questioning in communities of political practice [pdf]


Brodie, K.: Between the old and the new: A study of a mathematics teacher’s changing practices in South Africa [pdf]


Brown, R.: Summative assessment and the empowerment of teachers [pdf]


Carvalho, V.; Mendonça, M. D. C.; Santos, S. A. & Santos-Wagner, V. M.: Mathematics education for the consumption: A citizenship question [pdf]


Charoula, S. & Fragiskos, K.: Teaching mathematics to first grade Romany children, through familiar every day money dealings [pdf]


Chassapis, D.: Social groups in mathematics education research. An investigation into mathematics education-related research articles published from 1971 to 2000 [pdf]


Cotton, T.: The club that rejects me is the club I want to join: Identity, mathematics learning and mathematics education research [pdf]


Ernest, P.: What is empowerment in mathematics education? [pdf]


Favilli, F. &  Tintori, S.: Teaching mathematics to foreign pupils in Italian compulsory schools: Findings from an European project [pdf]


Gates, P.:- Excavating and mapping the social landscape of beliefs [pdf]


Gomez, P.: Theory and practice in pre-service mathematics teacher education from a social perspective [pdf]


Graven, M.: The effect of the South African curriculum change process on mathematics teacher roles [pdf]


Hackenberg, A. J. & B. R. Lawler: An ethics of liberation emerging from a radical constructivist foundation [pdf]


Hardy, T. & Hanley, U.: A re-examination of reflective practice: Is it a viable frame for mathematics teacher education at the present time and was it ever? [pdf]


Hungwe, G. & Nyikahadzoi, M.: Marking pupils’ written exercises in mathematics: What are the benefits? [pdf]


Johansen, L.: Why teach math to the "excluded"? [pdf]


Kanes, C.: Towards numeracy as a cultural historical activity system [pdf]


Kitchen, R.: Transforming mathematics education: Barriers to reform in high poverty, diverse schools [pdf]


Knijnik, G.: Two political facets of Mathematics Education in the production of social exclusion [pdf]


McMahon, B.: Marginalising practices of mathematics: Why young people opt out of school mathematics [pdf]


Mendick, H.: Narratives of gender and maths [pdf]


Mesquita, M.: Space notion and children in the street situation [pdf]


Moreira, L.: Is the forbidden fruit the most tempting? [pdf]


Morgan, C.; Evans, J. & Tsatsaroni, A.: Emotion in school mathematics practices: A contribution from discursive perspectives [pdf]


Nielsen, R.: Is educational research in university mathematics possible from a global social perspective? [pdf]


Noyes, A.: School transfer and the learning of mathematics: Learning landscapes and Bourdieuan frameworks [pdf]


Parra, H.: Toward conforming an alternative model for internship (professional practice) in mathematics education [pdf]


Rogers, L.: Epistemology, methodology and the building of meaning in a community of practice in England 1960 - 1980 [pdf]


Sauian, M. S.: Mathematics education: The relevance of "contextual teaching" in developing countries [pdf]


Segarra, J.: Los problemas ordinarios de la vida: Problematisaciones de las vidas de estudiantes (Ordinary word problems from the lives of students) [pdf]


Thompson, A.: Mathematics standards as political activity [pdf]


Tomlin, A.: 'Real life' in everyday and academic maths [pdf]


Tomlin, A.; Baker, D. & Street, B.: Home and school numeracy practices: Where are the borders and overlaps? [pdf]


Valero, P.: The myth of the active learner: From cognitive to socio-political interpretations of students in mathematics classrooms [pdf]


Vithal, R.: Crucial descriptions: Talking back to theory and practice in mathematics education through research [pdf]


Zevenbergen, R.: Streaming in school mathematics: A Bourdieuian analysis [pdf]


Zevenbergen, R.; Sullivan, P. & Mousley, J.: Contexts in mathematics education: Help? Hindrance? For whom? [pdf]


Project Discussions

Albert, J.: Using mathematics to break down stereotypes [pdf]

Albert, J.: Using mathematics to break down stereotypes, (long version) [pdf]


Chronaki, A. & Jess, K.: Visual images from the lives of immigrant pupils in maths classrooms [pdf]


Cotton, T.: What is it really like?’ Developing the use of participant voice in research [pdf]


Fauzan, A.; Slettenhaar, D. & Plomp, T.: Traditional Mathematics Education vs. Realistic Mathematics Education: Hoping for Changes [pdf]


Fernandes, E.: The school mathematics practice and the mathematics of a practice not socially identified with mathematics [pdf]


Frankenstein, M.: Quantitative reasoning throughout the curriculum: A case study from the College of Public and Community Service. [pdf] Attachments: A [pdf], B [pdf], C [pdf], D [pdf], E [pdf], F [pdf]


Lindenskov, L.: Reacting to society's math-containing information and materials - Why and how [pdf]


Oleinik, T.: Development of critical thinking in mathematics courses [pdf]


Puteh, M.: Qualitative research approach towards factors associated with mathematics anxiety [pdf]


de la Torre, E.: A necessary dialog about mathematics and society between university students [pdf]


Zulkardi; Nienke Nieveen, J. & de Lange, J.: Designing, evaluating and implementing an innovative learning environment for supporting mathematics education reform in Indonesia: The CASCADE-IMEI study [pdf]